Signs Your Old Mattress Needs to Be Replaced

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No mattress will last forever and even the best of mattresses will wear out over time. It is important individuals know the warning signs their mattress is too worn so they will know when they need to make a new purchase. Worn mattresses will not offer the full level of support a person needs while they sleep which can lead to tossing and turning.

Signs That Old Mattress Is Just Too Old

While there are some outward visual clues a mattress is giving out, most people will know by how they feel while sleeping and when they wake up each morning. If any of the following is noticed, it is likely time to begin searching for a new mattress.

  • If a person is waking up in pain on a regular basis, this likely means their mattress is to blame. An old mattress can lead to stiffness and pain which can affect a person all day long.
  • Tossing and turning is a clear sign there are problems with a mattress. When a mattress is in good shape, this will allow a person to sleep comfortably in one position all night long.
  • When a person finds they sleep better at a hotel or in someone else’s bed, this means their mattress is not offering them the full comfort and support they need for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Those who are noticing an increase in their allergy symptoms, especially when they are trying to sleep, should be concerned about their mattress because this could mean dust mites have taken over.

While the physical signs of lumps, dents, and exposed springs should alert a person to purchase a new mattress, many people wait too long to make their purchase and suffer night after night. There is no reason for a person to have to suffer through a restless night’s sleep simply because their mattress is old and worn.

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If you are dealing with the above issues and visual signs, it is time you bought a new mattress. With a new mattress, you can rest assured that each night, you will sleep comfortably and soundly. To discover more, get more help here.