Light Up Your Outside Spaces with External Lighting

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Outdoor lighting can make your property more beautiful, enjoyable and secure. You can find ideas, learn about new lighting systems and explore what lights up your imagination by using a host of different resources. Whether you want to light your home’s exterior, your garden or a walkway, you can consider a wide spectrum of options and systems.

Added Curb Appeal and Value

Lighting is an investment that adds value to your property. Even a set of solar lights for a sidewalk, front entryway, flower garden or edge of a driveway adds value and aesthetic appeal. Exterior lighting with LED spotlights adds drama and depth to natural stone, brick or wood siding, bringing colour and texture to life. Deck and patio lighting opens up more usable outdoor space for entertaining. It’s worth noting that some of these types of lighting can be hard to install, so if you are thinking about adding them to your home, tis worth contacting a local electrician who can install them for you.

Highlight the Landscape

Plantings, rock gardens and fountains look even better with lighting. The play of shadows and light makes objects look more sculptural and dramatic. Proper lighting also makes flat surfaces look smoother, brighter and cleaner. Lighting colours are a great deal of fun to play with, especially when used for outdoor entertainment spaces and special occasions. There’s a full spectrum of colours available to fit the theme of your party or gathering, or you can just choose a warm glow for dinner on the deck. Colours can be changed by switching out bulbs in some systems and changing the programming in others.

Specialty Lighting for the Holidays

Colour can do more than just fit your mood; it can be a beacon to neighbours and friends during any holiday of the year. We’ve all seen the likes of the Empire State Building and the London Eye light up in festive colours for holidays and events. Play with colours and intensities to achieve your holiday look, whether it’s simple white light, a moody blue or a glorious rainbow.

An outdoor lighting system is just one of the ways to add value, security and curb appeal to your home. It’s also enjoyable to play with and explore. With so many unique possibilities, you’re sure to find the lighting option that expresses your taste and personality!