The Beginner’s Guide to Insoles

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The Benefits of Using Insoles for Your Feet

Removable material that helps your shoe fit better, comfortably and adding warmth are called insoles. They are also known as the foot bed or inner soles. Insoles are bought separately from shoes. The also help to increase the life of shoes as well as keep shoe fresh as they are easy to clean.

there are different materials that are used to make insoles. The most widely used material for insoles is foam. It is widely used because it is rigid, dependable and absorbs shock. The flipside of foam is that it is not long lasting. Although it is not durable, foam molds to the shape of the feet making it comfortable.

Leather is also another material used to make insoles. The cowhide part of leather is the main material used to make insoles. Cow hide is durable and cost effective making it an ideal material for insoles. The material is rigid giving a strong arch to support the foot.

Insoles can be made out of gel. Gel is normally in capsulated in bubbles and put into a foam foot bed to form an insole. Although they are expensive, they are the ideal type of insoles. Apart from providing comfort and support, they extend shoe life.

Insoles are beneficial because they help to improve the fit of the shoe. most of the stress of the body end up in feet when you walk sit or stand and insoles helps to absorb this stress. Insoles come in different shapes and sizes and come in different support levels designed for different foot types. the three categories of insoles are , custom made, for support and for comfort.

Insoles also help to keep your feet warm.

Insoles can be custom made. podiatrist usually make recommendations for insoles. Feet problems and correct posture are some of the reasons why special insoles may be prescribed. Specialized insoles that help correct problems with feet and posture are called Orthotic insoles. feet problems as a result of walking running or standing can be corrected with orthotic insoles

Flat foot is a deformity of the feet that insoles can help manage. Flat foot can be as a result of fallen arches in either one or both feet and insoles can help correct the problem.

Arch pain,heel pain and pain in balls of feet are feet problems that insoles can help correct the support provided by insoles help to ease pain in areas where pain is felt on your feet.

Insoles are also helpful because they help make the shoe fit better thus preventing conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and blisters.

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